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Growing up in Nigeria, we are faced with frequent occurrence of common infections like Malaria, Typhoid, Common Cold, Urinary Tract Infections and Eczema, amongst other infections. As a kid, I had my fair share of these infections. As we know, many of the solutions we are giving are prescription antibiotics. Of cause, they worked for some time and then I had to change prescription to stronger antibiotics. After 16years of trial and fail, with small wins along the way, these infections stopped occurring. I had no idea, the damage it had on my gut, until years later… 

I fell deathly ill and consulted with a Functional Doctor who pointed out my long history with antibiotics and how they might have damaged my gut lining. I learned from him and began my journey to recovery. Now I share my story with you, so you and your loved ones do not have to experience the pain and suffering I went through. 

The products and services we offer have decades of scientific research backing them. They are safe, effective and will leave your body strong and healthy.



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Our products and services are backed by decades of scientific research. They are safe, effective and will help you improve your overall well being. We use cutting-edge health technologies to identify your specific health challenges and eliminate all guesswork. You are in safe hands.

Our Mission

Using cutting edge health technologies, we empower you with effective solutions for health and well-being, taking the guess work out of your health journey.

Our Vision

Empowering you with effective solutions to take control of your wellbeing.

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Modupe Aiyegbusi


Founder, Mays Wholistic Health

My name is Modupe Aiyegbusi. I am wife and a mom to 3 beautiful children. I studied Social work with focus on Mental health (Psychotherapy) from Rutgers University, USA.

My passion for holistic health and living began in 2015, when I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis after the birth of my 3rd baby. It came an a shock to me and my family, as I thought I was pretty healthy up until then.

Through my journey to recovery. I have learned how amazing and powerful God created our bodies to heal, using the right tools.

Now I share these tools with you, to empower you to make the best decision for your health and for those you love.

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