Some of our clients feedback testimonial about our therapy sessions.

When I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis six years ago I was desperate to find a way to heal my body as natural as possible without being on lifelong medication as is the fate of many people with autoimmune diseases.

I looked into nutrition as a way to help my body heal well integrating it with medication but I knew that I needed something to help me with pain management and stress and fatigue from auto immune damages. That’s how I found frequency bio resonance and microcurrent therapy.

When I began using microcurrent especially I noticed that I started having more mobility in my joints, more range of motion, less inflammation throughout my body. I was sleeping better, and even when I had a flare, My recovery time was much faster.

It made sense to me to begin using a microcurrent therapy treatments for my every day pain management and overall health and healing since then I’ve been able to taper off my meds slowly and carefully without terrible reactions.

If I was told that I would see a time where I could go without having meds constantly being pumped into my body to manage arthritic pain this soon it would have felt like a fairytale or a dream but in all honesty I can say for sure that this has been a major part of my healing journey.

I don’t know who’s reading this, I don’t know if you’re in chronic pain, or if you have an autoimmune disorder; if you have other health issues. The beautiful part of this is that it’s goes to the source of whatever is going on in your body, and begins to heal your cells which in turn heals your body. it’s not magic! it won’t happen overnight, however you feel some sort of relief within just one session of micro current therapy application.

Using the Bio-resonance full body scan has been another huge blessing in that with many people just like me, who have been diagnosed with different forms of autoimmune diseases, we now know that there might be some underlying pathogens that cause your body to begin to react in difference manners than it was intended to. Bioresonance has an amazing way to pulling up all of these pathogens or even just places in your body that are out of alignment or out of balance, giving you a clearer picture of what is going on inside so that you begin to adjust your lifestyle in such a way that you allow your body heal.
It’s like giving you a map to show you the sources of the problems in your body, rather than you playing guesswork , spending lots of money with no clear headway.

I personally look forward to meeting you virtual and in person as we help you take the guess work out of your health work.


Mrs Modupe Aiyegbusi
I had some wired pains, wasn’t sleeping well; when I wake up from sleep I still feel tired and lack energy. I also had difficulty making a tight fist. Since my micro-current sessions, I can make a tight fist, I wake up with more energy, sleep well at night and have a better understanding about what my body and health needs. I am glad you have more strength in your wrists and have more energy as well! Great progress!
Mr Clement
I came to therapy for nausea weakness and feeling tired. I noticed that after my microcurrent sessions, I have more energy and do not feel as tired as I used to. Have more clarity about my health from the body scans, and feeling of hope, if that makes sense. thank you!
Mrs Lami
My daughter is 5yo and I noticed she could not fall asleep easily the eve to school resumption day. We talked about the new term, her friends in school and her excitements to go back to school after the holidays. but when she had a hard time falling asleep I ran a scan and found out she had a lot of anxiety about school. this is something she would not have been able to express to me. add Brandon a short virtual bio-resonance session on her, she was able to fall asleep and slept through the night. she got back from school she expressed she had a fantastic day at school. I am thankful that therapy can help bring to light some issues of children face but can’t easily express.
I have suffered with infections, loss of energy , brain fog and constipation for a long time to the point that my tummy hurts and no matter how much water I drink, I still feel constipated. Well after my session, I kid you not, I felt ease in my tummy, no pains!! It was like magic. I also had a bowel movement easily. I have more energy also. Honesty, thanks sis! God bless you! Wow, so so happy for your results sis! Thanks for sharing your feedback!!!
Ms Yemi
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