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I was first introduced to colloidal silver when my son was two years old this is about nine years ago now. I was a working mom I was in school at a time. My son was in daycare and I noticed that every month he was sick with one thing or the other either runny nose or a cold or cough or diarrhea or skin rashes just one thing or the other. I got frustrated because my pediatrician in the US then would not obliged to give me antibiotics or medication as often as I want it sometime she would ask me to allow it run its course which would get me upset because I’ll have to takeoff times from work or school and I didn’t want to lose my job. Coupled with the frustration of not resting well having a young kid that was ill often was just frustrating.

A friend of mine introduced me to colloidal and silver asked me to always make sure I had it in my first aid cabinet as one of my go to’s for anything that had a root cause of some form of pathogen . So anything that antibiotics can take care of, colloidal silver can take care of as well.

The first time I used it within 24 hours his nose dried up he sounded better he could sleep and breathe better, it was like magic!! I did my research and I found out that , yeah, there are several things online; however some of them are true and some of them are not so true in that there different types of colloidal silver out there. some are safe and others are not safe.

So I found one that was safe which is what we carry here at Mays Wholistic Health 10ppm pure Colloidal silver. I began to give it to my family and like a joke over the years when their friends fall sick, they won’t! we will be at a party together and everyone will go how with a tummy bug, and we wont. Even when we did, we recovered much faster.

Colloidal Silver is essential especially for someone with an autoimmune condition; you know that you’re more susceptible to contracting other people sickness. So I knew that I needed to fortify my immune system by constantly doing something to protect myself. I mean even your kids bring home all sorts of infections from school and as a mom you are their first aid giver, nurse, vomit and diarrhea cleaner!! You just have to protect yourself!

I noticed that throughout all their periods of sickness, if they eventually did get sick, I didn’t fall sick and that was when I began to understand the power of colloidal silver. I have used it as it’s a very good anti-inflammatory in my healing from RA. I have used it for chronic pain as well. I have used it to fight infections malaria, typhoid, H. pylori, common cold bronchitis, pneumonia, kitsch burns, sun burns, skin irritations, wounds, cuts and scrapes!!!! you name it!!! if your children can bring it to your house, I’ve used it’s a fight that in my own house!

the best part is that it’s so easy to incorporate into your life and easy to use and every day life that you don’t even see it as if you’re taking supplements or a hideous task.
I put some in my children’s water bottle to school every day, mix some in my smoothies. I put some in my soup in my stew to preserve the life of my food. I use it’s in my vegetables in my salad as a spray I use it almost every day everywhere and anyhow and it’s just been amazing. the best part is in my family we’ve not had any form of tooth infections which I think is attributed to our use of colloidal silver as well. I hope you get to enjoy the many benefits of this amazing natural products like I have I and my family have.

Mrs Modupe Aiyegbusi
I had been coughing since yesterday around noon hubby said I should try the medicine I got I told him it was not a medicine but a supplement I took five spoons and have not coughed since then! this thing is really magical! that is great that you feel much better !!
Mrs Amara
I had to share my testimonial!!! You know I have had giardia for a while: it comes with Sulphur burps, diarrhea, throwing up and stomach pains., and when I have it, nothing touches it until I take antibiotics which makes me feel awful after taking it. So this time I took some colloidal silver instead several times a day, by afternoon I was feeling much better, and by the next day it was gone! This stuff really works! We have to tell people about this!! Aw, This is music to my ears!! The type of testimonials we live for!! Thanks for sharing your feedback.
Mrs Redekop
Good evening ma'am I perceived I was going to have malaria and increased my dosage to 5 tea spoons, three times daily and in just one day all the symptoms stopped I feel so good and energetic! That is awesome I'm glad you're feeling much better, avoiding a full-blown case of malaria!
Ms. Valerie
Hmm I need to tell you something, you know I have been using colloidal silver on my face this dry season. I don’t use creams only coconut oil. It was one of my friends who noticed the black skin patches on my face I have always had was clearing up. She even wants me to pick up some colloidal silver for her! This is awesome feedback. Thank you for sharing this!!!
Ms Stephine
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