case studies

Case Studies

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Hyperactive child

Eason, a 5 year old who had temper tantrums, was destructive and would not sit still for up to 5 minutes. His Dad contacted me to run a virtual bio-resonance scan on him to help with the situation.


“He has really calmed down; he is playing quietly with his toys. Thank you so much. Not sure how it works but I definitely see a difference. Thank you!”


Learning difficulties: Ethan an 8yo boy who had difficulty with reading, showing signs of dyslexia and concentration during schoolwork. He had a few micro-current and bio-resonance therapies (about 5 sessions). His mom reported: He is doing better in school, he is paying attention to his letters, he is showing more confidence in reading and his interest in schoolwork has increased as the tears have also reduced. Thanks again. 


Migraine: Segun had been having terrible migraines for a few days. Even after taking migraine meds, nothing resolved it. I ran a virtual bio-resonance frequency therapy on him.


 “Thank you!!! The migraine is gone I feel much better.”


Insomnia: Emma, a client in his mid 40’s. He had been on sleep medication to aid sleep but still struggled to fall asleep and stay asleep throughout the night. After his first micro-current and bio-resonance therapy session he reported: 


“When I got home, I slept like a baby from 3pm to 8pm at night. I woke up to eat and went back to sleep. I slept throughout the night till the next morning, like a baby. I feel much better, also the pain in my Achilles heel from an old injury is no more there!!!”


PMS and Unusual Heavy Flows: Ms. Pat had suffered unusual heavy menstrual flow for a while accompanied by PMS. After one bio-resonance and microcurrent therapy session she reported back that that month her flow was normal and then the usual five-day range and she had less cramps as a result.


Fibromyalgia: Mama B: I have not been able to sit down on a chair for more than 30mins because when I sit that long, my nerves and body begins to ache. While you ran the micro-current therapy on me, I sat still for the whole 30 mins, and was able to get up, move my hands and raise my elbow above my head!! Something I could not do for some weeks now, due to a torn rotator cuff. This is amazing! 


Scars on skin: Sally had surgery when she was much younger and has had pains in the area with nothing to resolve it. After one session she reported: I feel like a weight has been lifted off, I feel light. The pin has also greatly subsided. (During her scan session scars showed up as her highest need, so bio-resonance frequency therapy was applied.)


Burns on skin: My 4yo daughter Rachel had a kitchen accident where hot water poured on her chest, peeling off the first layer of skin. She was in so much pain and had to go shirtless for a while. I applied some colloidal silver to the area and ran a bio-resonance body scan on her; guess what showed up? Skin and Scar System as her highest need for the moment. I ran those with micro-current and by the end of the day, she could put on a shirt, she had no pain on the burn site and there were no scalds formed. By the next day new skin appeared, and the burn sight had improved significantly. 


Chronic pain for surgery: Mr. Abba was involved in a terrible car accident. He had to have surgery on his spine. He had been in much pain he could barely utter a word through his pain, and he could not stay asleep for more than 30mins without crying in pain. He was on the highest dose of morphine his body could tolerate. I was contacted to run a virtual Bio-Resonance therapy on him. After his body scan, I ran some virtual frequency therapy for about 5 minutes. I got report that within 5 minutes, when I was running the frequency therapy, he fell sound asleep and slept for six hours peacefully without groaning in pain. When he woke up, he was able to speak and communicate with his family in the room with less pain.


Pain Relief: Linda had been suffering from chronic pain and had to take pain meds 3 times a day with very little relief. I ran a few virtual bio-resonance therapy sessions on her. After the first session she reported that she was able to sleep without pain med that night. After a week’s worth of sessions, she also reported to have no need for pain meds throughout that week. 


Sciatica: Dr Philp had really bad sciatica pain for weeks, making it difficult to walk around, stretching did not help the pain. I ran some virtual bio-resonance frequency therapy on him for a week and he reported much improvement in sciatic pain.


Flexibility and joint mobility: My most remarkable testimonial. After being on and off crutches for months, due to rheumatoid arthritis, I found this medical device approved by the FDA for skeletal, arthritic pain. I used it for some weeks and noticed much improvement in my range of motion, less inflammation in my joints and more flexibility. Before using bio-resonance therapy, getting up to stand and walk after sitting for 30mins or more was really painful, and I would have to use crutches to aid my walking. After using this therapy on myself, I began having less pain, more mobility, less inflammation. I began lifting more weights, and have not had to use crutches since then, it’s been over a year now, I am loving my daily progress and gains.


Liver enzyme (Fatty Liver): Due to frequent use of prescription meds, my liver enzymes were rising, and I needed the to be on the meds. When I began using bio-resonance frequency therapy, added with proper nutrition I was able to bring down my liver enzymes from 66, to 32 within a month.  


Baby sleeplessness: Baby B had been having issues sleeping through the night. After one session virtual bio-resonance he slept for 5hrs straight and was able to sleep well that night.


Asthma and breathing Issues: Mr. Emma had suffered from asthma for years and had used his inhaler for years. After 1 session of micro-current therapy, he reported he was able to breathe deeper and better and had not used his inhaler for days after therapy. 


Bad case of the hiccups: Nathan had been suffering from some consistent hiccupping for hours in a day that it began to hurt. He had drunk water and tried other remedies without relief. I ran some micro-current therapy on him for an hour and the hiccups stopped. His chest felt better. 


Anxiety: my children needed to get blood work done, my youngest two are very scared of needles. once they saw the needle, they had been crying for 30 minutes without letting the lab technician draw their blood. I got out my bar residence frequency scan and ran anxiety program for about 5 minutes. they both calmed down significantly and were able to get their blood drawn, it was like night and day.


Body Pains 


Mrs Ruth Z

Came for a micro-current therapy because her joints were aching. After her first scan, we found she had a build up of toxins in her body. Her full body scan also revealed she was also on the verge of some infection, even though she looked fine and felt ok. She was able to keep the infection from becoming a full blown infection, and her joints felt so much better after 1 session . she had no pain!


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